2022 Autoptic Festival Jury

Blue Delliquanti

Blue Delliquanti is a comic artist and writer based in Minneapolis, MN. From 2012 to 2020 Blue drew and serialized the Prism Award-winning science fiction comic O Human Star at ohumanstar.com. Blue is also the creator of Across A Field of Starlight, published in 2022 by Random House Graphic. They teach comics courses at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Camilo Aguirre's Headshot

Camilo Aguirre

Camilo Aguirre is a Colombian artist who has been author and co-author of graphic novels such as Ciervos de Bronze (2014),  Caminos Condenados (2016), La Palizua (2018), Our Voices Carried Us Here (2021), and What Remains (2022).  Most of them are documentary comics depicting social issues.  Camilo obtained his MFA degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Chuck U

Chuck U is an Artist and Illustrator living and working in Minneapolis. He mostly prefers working in pen and ink and doing smaller scale print work, but has recently been branching out into larger paintings and murals. You can see his work on Indeed brew cans, the sides of buildings, album covers, the walls of print collectors all over the world and once even a lottery ticket.

Jenny Schmid

Jenny Schmid grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she runs bikini press international and is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Minnesota Department of Art.  She is represented by The Davidson Galleries in Seattle and her prints have been purchased for collections including The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Detroit Institute of Arts, The Block Museum, The Spencer Art Museum and the Library of Congress. She received a Fulbright Fellowship to Slovakia, the McKnight Fellowship, the Bush Artists Grant, a Jerome Film and Video grant and two Minnesota State Arts Board grants.

Madeline McGrane

Madeline McGrane lives in Minneapolis and draws comics. She works for various clients and regularly self-publishes mini comics. Her first graphic novel, The Accursed Vampire, was published in 2021.

Noah Lawrence-Holder

Noah Lawrence-Holder is an artist from Madison WI, now based in the Twin Cities. Their work consists of illustrations, animation, motion graphics and comics. They have featured work in gallery shows highlighting queer and black artists, shown animation in local film festivals and actively create motion graphics for public awareness campaigns.

Ryan Carey

    Ryan Carey is a founding member, and serves on the board, of the FIELDMOUSE PRESS comics nonprofit and its adjacent website, SOLRAD.CO, and maintains the long-running FOUR COLOR APOCALYPSE comics criticism blog in addition to being a regular contributor to THE COMICS JOURNAL, DAILY GRINDHOUSE, THROUGH THE SHATTERED LENS and GRAPHIC POLICY, among others. He lives in south Minneapolis can be reached at fourcolorapocalypse@gmail.com.