Autoptic Comics Festival
AUGUST 27, 2017
ARIA 105 N. 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN

Applications Opening January 2017


In late 2012, a group of Twin Cities based cartoonists and publishers began planning for what was to become AUTOPTIC's inaugural show the following year. Rather than creating “just another comics/ graphics festival”, we chose to take a giant step forward into the bigger, messier world of independent culture at large. To accomplish this we showcased not only cartoonists and zinesters, but also poster artists, printmakers, musicians, alternative & small labels, illustrators, designers, and more, ranging from the exclusively local to the internationally acclaimed. At its core, AUTOPTIC is a juried, expo-style show, but orbiting the expo are readings and talks, artist showcases, and music events, held both at Aria and several other sites throughout Minneapolis.

What’s new?

We’re glad you asked! Over the past year we have had some major changes to our Autoptic crew. Raighne Hogan & Justin Skarhus of 2D Cloud have left to focus on their thriving publishing company. And Anders Nilsen took his coloring book profits and moved out of state! We will miss their creativity, inspiration and guidance!

Where and When will AUTOPTIC happen?

AUTOPTIC is back to a ONE DAY SHOW, occurring AUGUST 27th, 2017, again at the giant (and beautiful) ARIA event space in downtown Minneapolis (105 North 1st street). It is free to the public.


We take our cue from the long, varied history of what might be called the underground, the counterculture, punk, and DIY; a world outside of demographics, advertising platforms, and major market concerns. AUTOPTIC is about people making culture happen in the real world from the bottom up, people who make things themselves, putting thought and care into seeing those things through and getting them out into the world however and wherever they can. AUTOPTIC is about feeding that impulse, and connecting those makers to each other and to a larger public.